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The Scion is one with his weapon and capable to move through groups of enemies with ease. When making two attacks with either a melee weapon or bare hands, the Scion suffers only a two-dice-penalty instead of the usual four. This knack costs 1 Legend points to activate and lasts for an entire scene.

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The Scion is one with his weapon and capable to move through groups of enemies with ease. When attacking with a melee weapon, the Scion may ignore dice pool penalties for multiple actions up to his Epic Dexterity. It's not possible to gain a bonus though, only to negate penalties. The Scion also doesn't suffer from penalties for attacking multiple enemies. Those enemies must, however, all be within range of half the charakters normal movement rate unless a valid stunt is performed. This knack cost as many legend points as actions are made, minus one. It lasts for one (multiple) action.

Example: Xenia, daugther of Ares (Epic Dexterity 3, Legend 4), gets attacked by three persian warriors while on her way to retrieve an ancient necklace. Since she has little time, Xenia wants to slash all three as fast as possible. Se decides to make three attacks, one for each enemy. Normaly, she would roll Dexterity + Melee, substracting 6 dice from her pool. Because she possesses the "One with the blade" knack, she pays 3-1 = 2 Legend points to reduce the dice pool penalty by her Epic Dexterity rating, therefore only losing three dice from her attack pool, instead of 6. She gets rid of the warriors very quickly and continues her quest.

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