Some Scions are especially adept in finding weak spots, and therefore are able to attack with greater efficiency. A scion using this knack must spend three points of legend and take at least one action (SPD 5, DV -2) to study an enemy. Only one enemy can be studied at a time, but it's also possible to study a vehicle or a structure instead of a living being. Outside combat, each studying action takes 5 minutes. While studying a target, the Scion may only walk slwoly (using his normal movement rating) and say some words, or get's interrupted. It's not possible to take studying actions, interrupt them for doing something else, and then resume studying.

For each action the Scion spend studying a target, he may either gain an additional die to attack this target or get a +1 DV bonus against this particular enemy. He can freely distribute his bonus between those two options, but he can never benefit from more studying actions than he has Epic Intelligence.

This knack lasts for a scene.

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