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Scion with this knack have a knack for taunting enemies and making them angry. Really angry. In fact so angry, that they focus on the Scion with all their might and forget everthing else.

With some sharp words and / or some insulting gesture (requiring an action with SPD 4, DV -0), the Scion taunts an enemy, spends one point of Legend and then rolls (Wits + Presence + Legend) against the enemies (Wits + Integrity + Legend). If the Scion gets more successes on his roll, the enemy uses his next actions to rush to that Scion and attack him with all his might. This usually also means that he will use legend or channel virtues as often as possible, to get rid of the insultant. Until the effect expires, all of his DVs are at -2 against the Scion using this knack and considered 0 against all others who might attack him during this time.

This knack either lasts until the Scion using this knack is either unconscious or killed or for as many actions of the victim as the Scion scored extra successes on his roll.

The target must be able to sense and understand the taunting as what it is for this knack to be effective. If a target can't hear and see the Scion or is just a mindlee beast - or simply isn't able to feel any emotions - this knack fails.

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